December 4, 2012

Jo Jo Jo!!!

Hi Family! Hello Friends!

We're already in the last week of the transfer! Hermana Carson has been here in Barrio Pueyrredón for 7 MONTHS now, so we're excited to see if there will be some big changes. Five Hermanas will finish their missions this transfer, and only three new Hermanas are coming, so it'll be interesting to see what changes the Lord wants to make en la Misión Bahía Blanca.

This week was fantastic. The Lord is really taking care of us. He knows our efforts. I know if we do our part...if we make up our mind of what we want to accomplish, he will always do His part! This is one of the biggest lessons that I learned this week. The Lord loves us, and He wants what we want. And if it's a good thing, He will help us accomplish it!

I can't remember if I already told you, but lately we have started teaching the lessons to a menos activo named M. She got baptized in another area about 20 years ago, and then went really in-active. She later moved to Bahía Blanca and recently decided that she wants to come back to the church and be an active member. The other day we taught her the Plan of Salvation, and it was so fun to watch her mind just spinning as she applied the doctrine to her life. She is working on quitting smoking, and on her own she came up with a plan to quit by involving scripture study in the Book of Mormon every morning! YES! I wanted to cry. The Book of Mormon heals our souls when we look for help, and she is starting to understand that. Then later on that week she told us that she feels bad because she has to work on Sundays--which means she can't go to church. Well this week she decided to quit her job because she wants to keep the commandments by going to church. She later told us that the next day she found a new job where she wouldn't have to work Sundays. YEAH!!

The Lord knows us. He knows our needs. He knows our desires. If we want to keep his commandments, if we want to understand his gospel, we only need to show him through our actions that we want it. (Sergio! Hola!! :) Sé que está leyendo esta carta)  Then he ALWAYS helps us do it. He ALWAYS keeps his word. We just have to do our part.

Ah! Remember J?! The guy that got baptized in September? Well he's preparing to get married...AND he's preparing to receive the sacrament. I couldn't be happier. And he's looking forward to going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead! I'm so excited for him!

MOM! I got your first Christmas package! THANK YOU! I love it! I already opened up one of the 12 Days of Christmas gifts because I was just too excited. You're so creative, Mom. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into it. Like you said, I would assume that the second package arrived to Argentina, hopefully it's just not stuck in customs. I'm hoping I'll get it on Wednesday.

Bahaha I almost died laughing today. We went to the grocery store (how do you spell that?!) and all of these Christmas decorations were up. Then we looked up at the ceiling and there were a bunch of signs that said: "Jo"  Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo! haha Let me Spanish the J has a sound like the H in English, so: Ho ho ho! Like Santa! haha I feel like I can't explain that very well. Hopefully that makes sense. But I like to think that Argentina was really just cheering for JO JO JO Jordan for getting baptized! :) ha Lame joke, I know.

Family. I love you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving the Savior and the gospel. I hope you are well. Have a great week!


Random pictures:

Argentina still uses these old-fashioned keys!

Got a surprise visit from Hnas Jensen and Gomez today. Love them!

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