December 17, 2012

It's all because of Christ

Hello Hello!

Oh gosh, I'm so excited right now! I get to talk to you all so soon!! Christmas is coming! I am SO grateful for whoever it was that invented Skype! I'll be talking to you in just a week! Tomorrow we have our big christmas activity as a mission. As part of it we are going to sing christmas carols at one of the main parks in Centro and also in a hospital. It'll be a neat experience.

This week was absolutely incredible. I don't even know where to start. We saw so many miracles. I was able to talk to so many people that the Lord has been preparing to receive us. I am so excited to be companions with Hermana Gallegos. She is an incredible missionary and I am grateful everyday to be able to testify with her each day. She's a stinkin' spaz! So goofy! haha We have a lot in common, we laugh all day long, and we are united. She wants to learn English, so we practice random phrases when we're walking in the street. Her favorites are: "I am Sister Gallegos!" and "I am Hoppy!" (happy) :) She's practicing so that she can talk to you on Christmas. 

Hna Gallegos y yo con una joven mujer

Okay. Remember forever ago when we felt prompted to teach a part member family about family history work? The oldest daughter J was really interested and starting doing it! Then she moved to Buenos Aires for school. Bummer. We thought that was the last time we would see her. Well, this past Saturday we ate lunch with her family and she was there! She has been reading the Book of Mormon, has been going to institute, and was receiving the lessons from the missionaries in Buenos Aires. She had a baptismal interview and everything, but still had some questions and doubts and so nothing happened after that. We are really excited because Hermana Gallegos' conversions story is really similar to J's (because Hermana Gallegos was very very Evangelico before and had many doubts.) She was able to share some of her experiences with J and it really seemed to help her. We both feel like she is close to understanding and receiving the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we are really grateful that the Lord trusts us to help her.

On Saturday we had another activity with the youth in Bahía Blanca. A young woman came with Hermana Gallegos and me, and she was able to see many of the neat experiences that we have as missionaries. She contacted in the park with us, we found some new investigators, and she was able to be there when we were talking to J. So cool! She told us afterward that she really wants to serve a mission. Not all of her family are members, but she said she feels like the Lord will be able to help them accept the gospel through her service.The Youth are so awesome! She's only 16! That same night we had our ward christmas party. It was a great turn out. And one of the investigators that we found that morning went to the activity! We were so excited to see her there.

Actividad del barrio

The gospel works magic. It changes hearts. It changes misery to joy. And it's all because of Christ. I know he lives! How wonderful that we have this Christmas season to celebrate the miracle of Jesus Christ.

Family and friends, I love you all! Have a great week!
-Hermana Vawdrey

El Centro

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