I know it.

I'm Brittni, or as some of you know me — Sister Britter. That nickname started when I created a blog for the weekly letters I emailed home during my mission. I served a voluntary mission in Bahía Blanca Argentina for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They were some of the hardest 19 months of my life, yet the best 19 months for my life. I dedicated myself to serve and teach people about the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ, and the Plan of Salvation.  I witnessed miracles every day, and it has changed me forever. All of those experiences have only locked in even more what I know and believe. That's the reason why I have this blog. I am passionate about what I believe in because I don't just believe it, I know it.

God exists. It's not just a nice thought or a hope, it's truth. I'm a child of God. So are you. We have a perfect Heavenly Father who loves us. He knows us even better than we know ourselves, and He only wants the best for us. We go through hard things so we can learn and grow, and to remember how much we need to rely on our Father in Heaven to help us. He really wants us to succeed, so he gives us opportunities to become the achievers he wants us to become. 

We are his perfect creation, and his greatest desire for us is that we will return to live with him again. I know it, because it couldn't be any other way. As the loving and concerned Father in Heaven that he is, he has given us several things to help us along the way. Check it out here, here, and here. As we follow his counsel, we will always be blessed, and we will be happy beyond measure. 

I know it. And because I know it, I live it  and I love it!

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  1. Hey Sister Vawdrey! My name is Jordyn Peterson and I report to the MTC in 5 days going to the Bahia Blanca Argentina Mission! I was just wondering if you had any advice for living in Argentina? Is there anything that you wish you had brought with you? Feel free to email me if you have a chance: jordynpeterson@verizon.net. Thanks so much!