November 26, 2012

I love...

Hello Hello!

Happy Holidays! Ha! How weird is that? Thanksgiving has past, which makes it truly Christmas season. There are Christmas trees all over the place here at the stores in Centro, and I still can't grasp my head around the fact that Christmas really is coming because it's so stinkin' hot outside! But that also makes me happy because that means that in less than I month I get to talk to all of you!

Jordan! I hope you have a super special day this weekend when you get baptized. I am so proud of you! I'll be thinking of you and I hope, like mom said, that you picture Jesus smiling at you when you get baptized. :) By getting baptized you walk into the door that leads to the Celestial Kingdom! After Jesus Christ got baptized Heavenly Father said that he was "well pleased," and I know that Heavenly Father is really proud of you too for following Jesus Christ's example.

Well as you can see from our pictures, even though we were far away from home we still celebrated Thanksgiving. On Thursday we had weekly planning, and we were all able to make some yummy burritos together to celebrate. We even made the traditional placemats by tracing our hands to make turkeys, and we wrote on them the things we are grateful for. I feel like by being a missionary I have really learned what things I am grateful for. The Lord has given me so much and I am so grateful to be able to dedicate myself to Him 24/7 to try to give back a little bit for all that He has given me.

I'm thankful for...

This week we saw many miracles, as usual. We had a Family Home Evening with some recent converts: R and F. We all shared our favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon and I was blown away at how strong their testimonies are for just being members for 7 months. It was so neat to be able to hear them talk about the changes that they have seen in their lives since they have joined in the church. And it's true! The gospel only brings GOOD changes! Sometimes they are hard changes, but they are always good.

With the air of Thanksgiving it made me think about how much I love Argentina. I LOVE Argentina!

  • I love these people. 
  • I love this language. 
  • I love the culture. 
  • I love the funny quirks and "backwards social norms." 
  • I love the obnoxious business men that get on the buses and say the same thing over and over again for 5 minutes straight to try to convince you to buy something.
  • I love the flame throwers that go into the street when the light is red to try to earn some money.
  • I love the silly cow bell music Argentines listen to all the time.
  • I just love it all.

I love being a missionary. I love the challenge to constantly keep going, to keep the faith, and to trust in the atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And I do it because I know it's true! I know this church is true. These truths and the doctrines of Christ are being etched upon my soul. And even though the journey is sometimes difficult, I've never been happier.

Family, friends, abuelitos, etc..... les quiero!

-Hermana Vawdrey

Hermana Squire
Hermana Carson 
Hermana Batista
Mi Distrito 
Thanksgiving burritos!
Las Hermanas en el Dia de Gracia 


  1. Oh I love these posts! It's like a second account on how things are for Aubrey. Thanks for posting the pictures too!! So glad our girls have gotten to know each other.

  2. ahhh! Thanks for posting pictures!! I LOVE seeing our girls together!!! Cydnee ADORES your daughter and is so thankful that they are living together again!!! Your daughter is a sweetheart and radiates goodness! Love her!