July 31, 2012

Don't forget the ducks!

Hey everyone!

It's already been another week? It was a good one. Yesterday especially was a day of miracles! My testimony of fasting was strengthened a lot. Three of our investigators went to church, and all three of them absolutely loved it! It was incredible to see them be touched by the spirit.

My Castellano still improves every day, and there is at least one day a week when I have a moment when I remember that:

1. I live in a foreign country
2. I speak a foreign language
3. I do it everyday like it's no big deal

That's crazy! And it would NOT be possible without the Lord. I love how much I am learning and I am grateful everyday for the chance to teach the gospel and also strengthen my relationship with my Father in Heaven

This week there were a couple moments with my Spanish where I said something funny without knowing what I said. I had to tell you! First of all, the other day I was explaining the steps of prayer. I told E that he could read the basic steps of the prayer on the paper if it would help. Only I didn't say "steps" (pasos), I said "ducks" (patos)! ha "Follow the ducks!" Yeah. Don't forget to do that...hahah We got a good laugh.

Then, last night we were talking to this guy who kinda mumbles when he talks. He gave us a piece of this cake he made and then he kept talking about random stuff about the US and some airlines. Very random. He asked me a question and I thought he asked me if I like brownies. So I was like, "Yeah! I like brownies!" No, it turns out he was still talking about airlines. He was talking about some company that sounds like brownies I guess. Maybe I was hungry? haha

We love our investigators. One of them, Ed is super open to learning about the gospel and talks about his baptism all the time. M and E and friends, they both have studied religion a lot and are looking for the truth.

Hermana Newton and I took the challenge of Presidente Detelfsen to read the Book of Mormon in 30 days, and today we FINISHED! Man, it feels so good! I love that book. I know it's true. I always yearn and crave to read it more. I was sad to finish it because I didn't want it to be over! I plan on starting it over again to see what the Lord has in store for me learn from it this time. :)

All right, this letter has been really random. Sorry about that. My finger tips are now too cold to feel the keyboard, but I hope all is well! I love you all!

-Hermana Vawdrey

PS: I got my scripture tapas!! (leather covers) They turned out so good. I am so excited about them.
PSS: Spring Hollow Relief Society, thank you for the recipe book!! My companion and I are using it, and the recipes are so great!

PSSS: Grandma Rodgers, thank you for writing me so faithfully!

Bible cover

Triple Combination cover

Quad cover

Hermana Vawdrey teaching her companions to smile with a hidden top lip

Our sweet washing machine in the kitchen

A much nicer living room than our last apartment!

Answers to questions from home:

Q: Where do you clean your clothes? Laundry mat/members house?
A: We recently got an AUTOMATIC laundry washer! We're so excited, and really spoiled. We air dry the clothes after, but there is a spin cycle on the machine so normally they're pretty dry when we take them out. Before we had to take it to a laundry mat--super expensive. :(

Q: Are your clothes holding up okay?
A: My clothes are doing good! No worries :)

Q: Are you healthy?
A: Yes :) And in every blessing I have ever gotten on my mission the Lord always blesses me again with good health.

Q: When we mail packages or mail how long does it take before it gets to you?
A: 3-ish weeks. Sometimes it takes awhile for the mission home to mail it out to Mar del Plata though. So it depends.

Q: Tell us more about your new companion.
A: Hermana Natalie Patricia Newton: That's cool you´re friends with her mom through missionary mom! She's a great missionary. We're similar in a lot of ways and get along great. :) Went to BYU, almost got married, called off the wedding, went on a mission...She's studying nutrition. Is an incredible teacher. Super smiley, energetic. Oldest of 3...the list goes on. Hopefully that's some fun details :) Oh and she clogs! We probably competed against each other at Nationals in the past. She also did the BYU folkdance team and traveled a lot with that, and also for study abroad things.

Q: Do you have weekly responsibilities in your ward? Or do you get to always accompany your investigators?
A: We go pick up our investigators if necessary, but it's better to help them get to church on their own. We have a meeting once a week with ward mission leader, we have lunches with the members just about every day...the ward members are great. They do a lot.

Q: How can we be a better support from home? 
A: Nada. You are all SO supportive. Thanks for everything

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