July 9, 2012

Two days of miracles

Happy belated 4th of July!

I wish I could say that we also celebrated this past week with parades, BBQ's and fireworks, but instead we celebrated with cold, wind, and lots of layers. Winter is here and I probably gain about 5-10 pounds in clothing each morning when I bundle up to go out and work. :) Yet this week was really neat because amid the bitter bitter cold, the joy of the gospel gave me so much warmth to just keep going.

Earlier in the week Hermana Jensen and Hermana Newton had to travel out to Bahía Blanca to do some paper work with their Visas and such. Because of this Hermana Linco and I were companions for 2 days. I'm telling you...they were two days of miracles! I don't know what it was, but the Lord clearly had been preparing us and other people for these two unexpected days when we would be working together. It was absolutely incredible. It was seriously just one miracle after another!

Two of our investigators kinda disappeared lately. We could never find them. But we decided to go by them one morning and they happened to be opening up their store right when we got there! It had been a whole week since we had taught them the Word of Wisdom and they told us that they had both quit smoking, and it had been three days since they smoked a cigarette! They each used to smoke 3 packs a day! I thought I didn't understand when they first said that! Awesome!!

SR got baptized on Saturday, and it was such a great day! :) She's technically in Hermana Jensen and Hermana Linco's area now, but I helped teach her several of the lessons so it was so neat to see that my efforts helped her progress to her special day to make eternal covenants with her Heavenly Father. Her uncle was able to baptize her too, which was awesome because awhile ago he wasn't very active. Her baptism has been a great blessing to her family because many were less actives, but they are all reactivating right now!!

Hermana Newton and I are going through a hard time right now when it comes to finding new investigators. The cold makes people so much more closed and so much more unwilling to listen. It's definitely an unwelcomely long trial of faith haha but we're learning a lot together. I guess that's how it normally is though, right? Trials of faith aren't normally welcomed, yet when we face them with the strength of the Lord we have the strength to overcome them. :) Every challenge and trial is worth it whether or not we can see the outcome right now. I know my Savior lives, and I know he is right there at our side each day to hold our hand and guide us back home to him. I am so grateful for the gospel and I know it's true!!

Thanks for all the support back home! Love you all! "¡Chaucito!"

-Hermana Vawdrey

Being with Hermana Newton has been really fun because she helps me see things that are so common to Argentina :) For example:
  • The other day we saw a guy riding his bike. Only it didn't have handle bars. hahaha He had both of his hands stacked on top of each other holding the metal thing where the handles should be. Que trucho...
  • How EIGHTIES everything is! Side ponytails, high tops, leggings, leg warmers, the baggy T-shirts, etc.

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