July 16, 2012

The Power of Love

Family and Friends,

This past week was exciting because we got to meet our new mission president, Presidente Parreño! We had quick interviews with him on Wednesday, and then had a zone conference the next day. Presidente Parreño and his wife are from Spain, and I am loving their accent/lisp! I can already tell that a lot of things will change with our mission by having a change of mission president, yet I am excited for the changes. He is very genuine, loving, and down to earth. His wife is a little spitfire too, it's awesome! She is a convert, yet has one of the strongest testimonies ever. She talked to us for a good hour about how to make our street contacts better--because she does it all the time too. How cool is she?!

Hermana Parreño

Conferencia de Zonas de Mar del Plata

During the conference Presidente Parreño talked a lot about the power of love. If we love the Lord, we'll serve him. If we serve him, we'll learn to love his children. If we love his other children, we'll want to serve them...and the list just keeps going on and on. Later on that day we received a reference of an X-investigator from one of the members. At first I didn't want to pass by because we've already been by before and she is just not progressing! But then I remembered what Presidente talked about and we decided to go so show our love and trust in the Lord. We went by and she told us that she had just been praying to the Lord for help and comfort, and then she heard us clap outside! (This is about the fourth time this has happened now) :) She let us right in and she said that now she wants to get baptized. She told us about all of the little miracles she has seen lately and basically set her own baptismal date. My jaw just dropped! We see miracles here all of the time, and I am humbled more and more every day by the unconditional love the Lord has for us :)

R and K got baptized on Friday!! We are SO excited for them! Technically they are in Hermana Jensen and Hermana Linco's area, but I helped teach them when we first set their baptismal date, so it was neat to see some "fruit of my labor!" R is the younger brother of S, who got baptized last week. Then K is R's uncle..but they're both ten years old. (Figure that one out...) Yet miracles are happening here in barrio Puerto because the members in their family are starting to re-activate. :)

R y K's bautismo

Hope all is well :)
-Hermana Vawdrey

Other News:

  • Today for P-Day we went to this lighthouse/tower thing where you could look out and see the view of Mar del Plata and the ocean. SO BEAUTIFUL!

Hermana Newton y yo

Mar del Plata - If you're wondering if I miss the mountains...you're right!

  • I got lice this week. :'( NOT funny. Don't worry, Mom, I'm okay. What's the most upsetting part is that there is no way to say where or when, or from whom I got it from. :S Oh Argentina...
  • We're going to be moving to a new house this week because our contract is up. And the apartment is really really tiny...

Lunch with G

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