June 7, 2012

To be one of your word

Hope all is going well and that you are all enjoying your first bit of summer!

We had kind of an interesting week. I really realized that there is a time to reap and a time to sow...and for some reason this was simply a week to sow. We worked so much and so hard and didn't have much to show for it. Yet I got to share my testimony with so many people and I have no doubt that it touched their heart. We planted many seeds. We talked to many people who had some interesting questions. Some of them were almost funny because it was like they were so confused that they couldn't even form their confusion into a question! Yet the Lord helped us in so many ways by helping us with the spirit to know what to say or what to ask to help them understand or to help them realize the importance and the gift of prayer so that they could find the answers.

The beginning of this week started off with a little bit of a scare. We went to C and G's house for lunch, and G was all mad. They live in a very simple house and they have been having problems with the lighting for awhile now. Members of the ward told them that they would come by to help them with it, but then they didn't come by when they said they would. G was all mad and told us that the was going to leave the church! That she was going to visit her new grandson in La Plata, and that she would never come back. She said she was only feeding us because she promised us to, but that we wouldn't be allowed to come to her house again. Yeah.....what?!! So we tried to talk reason into her by helping her realize that if she really is a woman "who keeps her word," she needs to keep her word with God! She promised him when she got baptized that she would follow him and remember him!

Even after that she was still like, "No, no...I'm going and I'm not coming back." It was heart breaking. We explained to her that that's not the answer, and that now that she knows what real happiness is, she wouldn't have that again if she were to leave the church. At his point I started crying because I would never be able to see G again! I'm not normally a crier in front of people too, so that was a big deal! Hermana Jensen said a final prayer before we left that the Lord would help her soften her heart and remember the blessings she has recieved from the Church. And after the prayer G said she changed her mind and that she would come back to church--that she would forgive the people who hadn't kept their word, so that she could keep her word with God.

The Lord helped us so much that day because we didn't know what to do! We couldn't let someone leave the church for something silly like that! Yet as silly as it may sound, I feel like the Lord blessed me with the compassion to cry and Hermana Jensen with the words to say in prayer to help soften her heart. He works in marvelous ways! "Stunning." "Exquisite." "Darling." hahaha But really, He does. All we have to do is let him!

I love you all!

Jeanette Mullen, Tyler Alsop, Aubri LeBaron Robinson, Joseph Savage, Lynette Neff, Niccole Hanks, Joanne Grenny, Kristen Stoll, Jessica Dewsnup, Susanne Kush, Alyssa and Chris Smeda AND BABY HUSDON, Lisa Lundburg (Congrats on the engagement!) Matt LeBaron, and Chad Healey--Thank you for the birthday wishes!!

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  1. Sister Vawdrey

    Hang in there! some people get tried hardest once they get baptised, Just keep praying for her let lord take care of her. Its not how many people you baptise that matters, its how many you share your testamony too and touch there lives.
    were proud of you pray for you always
    aunt jeanette