June 25, 2012

I'm going to be a trainer!

So. BIG NEWS: I'm going to be a trainer! Ahh. It still hasn't really kicked in, I don't think. I'm feeling a big mix of emotions right now to be honest, but mostly excitement and a little bit of nerves. I just feel so grateful and honored that the Lord trusts me enough to train one of Sis servants right now! That's a big deal! I'm sure I'll be spending most of my time praying in the next little bit so that I can know what to do and how to help my new "hija" learn how to be a missionary. I'm so excited to meet her. She comes out here to Mar del Plata like Wednesday or Thursday and I don't know much more than that. I'll let you in on all the details next week.

Hermana Jensen will now be companions with Hermana Cindy Linco from Chile (she actually came to Argentina the same time I did!) She's really sweet and we're excited to have her here in Puerto. Hermana Jensen and I are feeling a little bit ripped off since we don't get to be companions anymore, but we're so glad that we at least get to still live in the same house. I'm excited for her to be with a latina too, because her Castellano is going to be awesome!

We had big hopes for S to get baptized last weekend...but he didn't do his part to receive his answer. It's always so devastating. Agency is such a critical gift we are trusted with, and some simple decisions just change absolutely everything! We're still working hard to find new investigators however, and he'll definitely still be in our prayers that one day he'll humble himself enough to listen to the Spirit testify of the truth and get baptized!!

This week we also had a zone conference. It was the last one we will have with Presidente Detlefsen because he leaves at the end of June. It was really good. He talked a lot about how important the Book of Mormon is. And I loved that he explained that it is the best thing an investigator can read because by reading it, it starts out with a family who had to give up everything and change. It's so true. Awesome.

He also had us read in the Bible in Matthew 14 when Christ asks Peter to walk on the water and when there were huge storms. Yet Presidente pointed out that Christ knew before the boat left the shore that there would be a big storm. But he left anyway! We did the same thing. In the spirit world we accepted the Plan, and we knew there would be challenges and "storms," but we're here anyway! He then pointed out that Christ waits to calm the storm until after the trial of faith. All we have to do is trust Him that He can calm every one of our storms. If we turn to Him for help and comfort, our storms will always be calmed.

I love my Savior. I know He lives. I know this church is true and I am so grateful to be a member. I love you all.

Hope things are well!
-Hermana Vawdrey

Our Distrito: Elder Hawes, Elder Halls, Elder Flores, yo, y la Hna Jensen

Presidente Detlefesen

Las hermanas en Mar del Plata

Mamma Hall, your son told me the other day
that you had found my blog. So, I figured
I'd attach a photo of your son so that you could see
that he's still full of energy, smiles, and jokes.
And, he's got clean teeth! :)

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