May 29, 2012

Think Castellano!

Family and Friends,

This week was a really neat week because I felt like I just made leaps and bounds with my Castellano. One day we did divisions for several hours with some of our ward missionaries. I was paired up with N (who just received her mission call to the Cochabamba Bolivia mission!) I was really scared at first because N speaks sooooo fast. Even some natives don't always understand her! I prayed right before that somehow the Lord would help me understand her and it went well! We understood each other and we had a lot of success. We found a new investigator that day too, so we were really excited.

We taught a lesson to a guy this week named O. He was really stubborn and wouldn't accept any commitment, but it was such a powerful lesson because the Lord's presence was truly in his home. While Hermana Jensen said the opening prayer I was praying that somehow I would have the words to say, and the second the prayer ended the words just started coming! The grammer was flawless. The lesson was exactly what needed to be taught, and we know he felt the spirit. It was so neat and so powerful. It's one of those moments that can't be put in to words really, it was so cool. I love being a missionary!

We're really making progress with our investigator J too. We've pretty much finished all of the lessons, and now we are trying to tackle all of his doubts of baptism. Apparently his dad is a really stubborn and scary guy so he's afraid to ask him for permission to get baptized. We decided to do a fast together and he unfortunately still hasn't talked to his dad about it, but he is feeling a lot better about it and he's not as afraid. Yeah!

While we were fasting with J we decided to have an English fast too, and it went really well! I'm starting to think in Castellano more now, I can speak a little bit faster, and I understand so much more. It feels so good! I still have a long ways to go, but I'm seeing improvement. :)

I hope you all are well!

Les amo!
-Hermana Vawdrey

Highlights of the week:

They sustained 5 new ward missionaries in church yesterday! We are so excited about it. More support!! A lot of the recent converts from last year are now less active, so we are excited to have the new ward missionaries help strengthen their testimonies also.

On Friday was like the Independence day of Argentina. Our ward had a big activity and a bunch of the members danced some of the traditional Argentine Folklore dance. It was fun to share some time with the members.

Hermana Jensen celebrated her one year mark in her mission!

Our district

Folklore Dance

J (on the left)

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