January 7, 2013

I'm an influencer!


Here we are again with a new week. So weird. I'm sitting here in the ciber trying to remember all that I wanted to tell you. ...A stray dog just walked in and licked my ankle. Mmm. Thank you.

It was a good week! Sùper hot, but it was a good one. Just a warning, I'm struggling to write in English because I speak Castellano all the time with my companion. So if my letter doesn't make sense or my spelling is horrendous...that's why. (Dad, feel free to correct my grammer.)

For New Years Eve we went over to the O family's house again. They are so good to us! We had a yummy asado. We had to be back in our apartment by 10pm. At midnight they did something that I though was so cool! V (the mom) filled up some balloons with helium, and attached a scripture and a card with the church's address and meeting times. At midnight they went outside and let them go--hoping that some person would be able to find it somehow. Fun idea. You never know, someone really in need may have found one!

We had interviews with Presidente Parreño this week, and a zone conference. What's weird...and not right...was that it was probably my last zone conference because we only have them only every 3 months. But it was such a great conference! Presidente and his wife are so inspired, and we learned so much. We invited some members to come also and we had them role play as investigators to practice our teaching. It was fun to think back to the first zone conference I had because I was absolutely terrified! I couldn't understand much, and couldn't say squat so I dreaded the practices. Now it's no big deal! It's neat how that change happens. That's really how life is. During the learning and growth period it's hard and painful. But then when you stop to look back and see your progress you can see just how far you've really come! Now I'm sitting here with my Latin companion, and it's not even a big deal! The gift of tongues is so incredible. I still give all of my credit to the Lord. Learning a language and being a full time missionary would never be possible without the help and encouragement of the Lord.

El Presidente and his "Golden Plates"

This week was a big learning experience for me because I realized just how many people I have influenced. I'm an influencer. I can really see that right now. I think that's why Presidente Parreño needs me here right now, and the Lord has blessed me with my current assignments for a wise purpose in Him. It's hard. I'll be honest with you. I pray for patience and charity a lot, but the Lord is always there to pick me up the second I feel overwhelmed. :) I love my Savior. I know He lives. I know His healing power is real, and I know there is no one, and no thing that His healing power cannot heal.

Hermana Rodriguez y yo

Thank you for all of the support back at home, yàll. I feel so blessed. Keep livin' the gospel and I'll talk to you soon!

-Hermana Vawdrey

Mmm. Spaghetti!

My last day with Hermana Gallegos

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  1. HELLO Sister Varney!! When will you be completing your mission? I want to mail you a letter/card, but don't have your address!