January 14, 2013

We saw a 1/2 cow man!


So I hear you're living in a Winter Wonderland back home, enjoying the single digits, eh? Here we're "enjoying" the triple digits. :S Dandy. It hit 100 degrees several times this week. Bleh. It makes the siesta seem really really long sometimes, but we still had a really great week. :)

MOM! I got your dearelder and the package you sent me. Thank you thank you! I absolutely love the picture of Christ smiling. I have it on the wall next to where I study and it helps me everyday to remember that he is proud of me and what I am doing. :) And I got the Christmas newsletter and the pictures of Brian and his compaion. What funny kids! I loved it! Thank you for all of the missionary experiences you shared too. They helped so much.

Here in Barrio Pueyrredón we find lots of people and we teach a lot, but the people just aren't progressing. Because of this we're striving to be even more obedient, and trying to improve our teaching by using the scriptures more. The challenge from our Zone Leaders is to get to the point where we can resolve any question or doubt by just using the Bible or the Book of Mormon. So far it's going well. I feel like I've learned a lot of doctrine this week during my studies. I love it. When the hour completes, I always want to keep studying!

Ha...so here's a story of something interesting that happened the other morning. We were waiting at the bus stop to go to our District Meeting. I was chatting with Hermana Rodriguez and then all of a sudden this man crossed the street (dodging traffic as he went) with 1/2 of a COW on his shoulders, on his way to the Carniceria (butcher shop). And then he went back to the truck to get more. hahahaha Mom. I can picture your face. haha Yeah. That's what happens in Argentina. Gotta love it.

This week we met a man who, at the beginning, was feeling really uneasy and nervous. The lady that lived in his house before he did did lots of witchcraft and lots of weird stuff, so we're thinking some of the bad spirits stayed in the house. Creepy. We were able to have the Elders bless the house and I think it was a really neat experience for him. He was able to witness the power of the Priesthood. Now every time we pass by his house we can never find him home...but it's neat that we could still help him out in a moment of need. I know it is something that he will always remember, and hopefully one day he will be more willing to learn more about the church.

One day this week we were out knocking doors...and getting a lot of rejection. But after one door, we turned around and it was like a cheesy Hollywood moment because this house seemed to be all lit up and angels were "singing hallelujah in our heads." Hermana Rodriguez and I looked at each other and knew that we needed to knock that door without even saying anything. We knocked the door and an older lady came to the door. She saw us and started to close the door, but we immediately started talking because we felt impressed to tell her how much the Lord loves her. She she then opened the door wide open and started crying. She is passing through a hard time with her family and with health and was wondering if life was even worth living. It was one of those moments when I just marveled at how much love the Lord has for us. He really does care about us so much, and in our moments of greatest need, he always sends someone to "rescue us." I'm so grateful to be one of the Lord's missionaries to help him preach his gospel and share the love that he has for all of us.

Yesterday at church we talked about the incredible miracle of the Atonement, and there is a quote from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland that I absolutely love! Here's a rough translation: "When the difficult moments come, we can remember that Jesus has to desend below everything before he could rise to the summit. He suffered pains, afflictions and temptations of all classes in order to be full of mercy and know how to comfort His people in their afflictions. " I love that. Even HE, the perfect Savior had to hit rock bottom before he could have a fullness of joy. That's truly how it is. So to those of you who feel like that woman that we found, who have "hit rock bottom," just remember that the fullness of joy is just around the corner. All we need to do is go to Christ because he is waiting to take our hand to lift us up. :)

Family and friends, I love you! Take care and I hope you all have a great week.
-Hermana Vawdrey

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