November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Family and Friends,

So like...hey! How are you!?!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I can't believe the holidays are already here. It's crazy! No we won't be celebrating Thanksgiving here in Argentina, but I'll be thinking of you!

We had a great week! Let's see...we walked a lot, taught a lot, prayed a lot, traveled a lot, testified a lot, and had lot of success! We found several new investigators and each of them have their own unique story. It will never stop to being a thrill when people let us in to their house to share a message. The message of the Restoration truly is a treasure that cannot be bought, but it has an eternal reward. It's neat to see it working in people's eyes when we teach them, and even more when we see the change in their lives as they keep their committments.

One day this week V called us (the one who just got baptized) and said her leg was really hurting her. She has problems with her sciatic nerve and she has to get injections often. Her doctor went on vacation this past week so she wasn't able to have any pain reliever. When the pain was really bad she called us, and we went over and saw her. The next say she called us and said the pain was still really bad, but she had just prayed and she was in bed reading her Book of Mormon. The cutie! She told us she knew that if she did what was right the Lord would take the pain away. :) I love seeing her testimony grow!

Other fun news:

  • We have a new place to move into! Now we just need to wait for some head guy in Buenos Aires to sign the contract. We'll see how long that takes... In the meantime we're content with living with the other Hermanas in Villa Mitre, so we'll have to wait and see how soon this move will actually happen.
  • We found a woman named Belén this past week! YEAH! I was so excited to find someone else who has my name. She has two kids and we're hoping we can help them get to church this Sunday.
  • One of our biggest successes this week was that FOUR less active members we've been working with went to church! It's been months and even years for some of them! Woot!
  • Ah! I had my 15 month cumple mes this past week. That's freaky... I'm one of the "viejas" (older sisters) in the mission now!
  • Jordan! You get baptized SO soon! I am so excited for you! I went to a baptism for an 8-year-old little girl named B, and it made me think of you because that is going to be you soon!
  • Taylor Judd! I know it may shock you, but your song "Everything Changed" made it all the way to Argentina! Good job! I love it. You've got some talent. I'm living in the same house with Cydnee Squire who went to Lone Peak, and also on Heritage Tours. She has that song on her ipod. It came on the other day and we realized we both know you! Small world. Hope you are well!
  • JACK! Congrats on your mission call to Brazil! NO WAY! I'm so excited for you! Bummed I won't see you for another 2 years, but it's so worth it. :) Good luck with all the mission prep! Study Preach My Gospel and go to the temple as much as you can before you leave!

Family and friends, in honor of Thanksgiving I want to say THANK YOU to all of you for the impact you have made on my life. I love you all so much and am so greatful for your examples. And I'm grateful to my Savior that I can be an instrument in his hands for this time. The gospel is true!

¡Les quiero mucho!
-Hermana Vawdrey

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