August 13, 2012


Hey! It was so great to hear from you all today. I´m glad to hear you're all living up the last part of summer. I can't believe that it's already time for school to start. And that Tyler and Angi are both going to high school? What?! Sometimes I forget in the real world that everyone and everything keeps on going. haha
It's been a good week again here in P-U-erto. Full of stinky smells, funny people, and other awesome experiences. We found a lot of new investigators this weekend, which was so great. Hermana Newton ("Wñutom" as an investigator has on his phone with his list of contacts. ...Argentines freak out when they see our last names full of weird consants) and I have been reflecting a lot on how much our area has changed and grown since we first started serving as companions. When she first got here we had pretty much no investigators, it was the middle of winter, and no one wanted to open up their door to talk to us. But now here we are after working super hard for a whole transfer, our work is finally paying off! It takes so long to plan for all of our investigators for weekly planning that I think we both secretly dread it. haha How awful. But it´s true. And I'm so humbled to see how much the Lord has blessed us after our long and cold trial of faith of working with everything we had for a whole transfer. He knew that the reward would be so much more rewarding if we had to work really hard for it, and I am super grateful for that.
With the Buenos Aires temple opening up soon, we passed out flyers about it one day and got a bunch of really good contacts and references. My favorite was when I went up and talked to a lady and gave her a paper, and she was like, "Mire chica, I can't. I don´t have time to talk to you. I have to walk my dog because it's been inside and so it hasn't peed all night long. " hahahaha Thanks, Lady.
Oh yeah! Big change! Hermana Jensen is training a latina! Her name is Hermana Gomez, from Buenos Aires. She's 28, very sophisticated and particular. She's a brand new missionary, and it's been really fun to learn from her new "greenie" attitude and perspective.
This week was really great because I finally feel like my Castellano is to the point where it doesn't hold me back from what I want to say. I still may not say everything gramatically correct, but I can finally teach using the analogies and examples that I have wanted to use for months! We´ve been teaching a lot of young kids lately too, which has been really fun. It's made me grateful for all the experience and practice I've had with younger kids since I'm the youngest sibling. It's crazy how even to the smallest detail, the Lord has been preparing me for my mission all off my life.
All right, time is short. I hope everyone is good and happy! I love you all! Thanks for all of your prayers and support!

-Hermana Vawdrey

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