April 16, 2012


Family and Friends,

GUESS WHAT?! "O" got BAPTIZED!! This past week was absolutely incredible. My first baptism! Wow. There are honestly no words to even describe the joy! I'm still just smiling all the time! Really I just feel privileged, blessed, and so loved by my Heavenly Father! Yeah I helped teach the lessons and helped "O" progress towards his baptism, but the Lord is truly the One who played a key role in "O's" conversion.

"O" - My first baptism!

According to "O", he ended up in Puerto by "accident," but we all know there is no such thing as accidents! They are just the Lord's way of getting our attention sometimes! Awhile ago he and his wife separated, and shortly after he got some really bad infection in his knee. He went to several doctors and many of them said that they would have to amputate his leg. He did not want that, so he came to Puerto to see some kind of a specialist. He told all of his friends that they should start praying for him so that he wouldn't have to get his leg amputated, but they all said, "No, YOU need to pray, "O"! Pray to God and tell him that you need his help. He'll help you." He was just at a really hard time in his life. He even considered committing suicide if he had to get his leg amputated because he didn't want to live without it! But he ended up praying...and to make a long story short, the doctor was able to help him and he didn't have to get his leg amputated! He had to be in a wheel chair for awhile and later on he had to use crutches, but they saved his leg!

One day he was "walking" with his crutches, and he met a member, a recent convert: "CM". She invited him to come to church, and then we ended up seeing him later that week too and also invited him to church! And he came the next day to church! Shortly after we set a baptismal date for him, and he has worked towards it ever since!

I have been so humbled by "O". Because of the things he has been through, he is so humble and is simply looking for something to help bring purpose into his life and help him be happy. He pretty much accepted everything that we ever taught him. This past week we taught him the Word of Wisdom and asked if he had a problem with any of those things. He told us that he smokes a little, and when we asked him if he thinks it will be hard to quit, he just said "No! I'll quit today! I'll never smoke again!" He said that without us even asking him to! He has so much faith, and truly understands the blessings that come from keeping the commandments. It's incredible! After we taught a lesson and would ask him to keep a commitment, he would pretty much always respond with: "Sí! Porqué no?" (Yeah, why not!) He's so awesome.

The day before his baptism we watched the Joseph Smith movie with him, and he absolutely loved it! He bore his testimony afterwards and it was one of the sweetest, most sincere testimonies I have ever heard. It was incredible to think back to when I first met him, job-less, homeless, hungry...and now he has his own testimony! He has the light! It really was, and is, a miracle to watch it happen.

He is so happy. He is just beaming!! I can't help but smile every time I see him. :) Just now, before Internet, we were crossing the street and he came over to say hello. He was still grinning from ear to ear. He told us that he is just full of peace, full of joy, happiness, and the Spirit.

Tomorrow is my 8th month mark on my mission. I can't believe it. I still feel so new because I have so much to learn until I'll be the missionary that I want to be. "O" was my first baptism and it was totally worth the wait! He's a CONVERT, not just a baptism.

Me, "O", and Hermana Jensen

"O" and the Elder who baptized him

Que dia fabuloso!!

I hope you all are doing well :)
-Hermana Vawdrey

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