March 26, 2012

Who the Lord calls, he QUALIFIES!


Ahora ya es el último semana de mi qinto traslado! ¡No puedo creer! We had another great week. The other day we were walking to our next appointment when we ran into a "Rolo" (R, a recent convert--15ish years old). He told us that his dad was home and that we could stop by if we wanted. Rolo is the only member in his family so we decided that we'd take him up on his offer! We ended up having a really great lesson with his dad and his twin sisters, and a few days later when we had another lesson with them they told us that they had been reading the scriptures together! We were so excited, we hadn't even told them to do that! Since Rolo is a member they already had a basic idea of the beliefs of our church, so we had a brief first lesson with them and all three of them agreed to be baptized! We are really excited for them. The parents recently got divorced and are going through a tough time financially, so we know the gospel is just the thing they need to have more unity and happiness in their family.

Another day this week Hermana Orton and I were out working. The day previous we noticed that we needed to plan something else to do for about an hour from 11:00-12:00pm, so in order to use the Lord's time efficiently, so chose a street to knock doors. So we started knocking doors, and this one house with a big gate out front really stood out. We knocked it (clapped) and a man came out who wasn't very nice, but he went and got his 16-year-old son. It turns out that his son is a member! He is a less active because he just moved to Puerto and never found out what time and where church was. We were able to tell him all of that and invited him to play fútbol with the youth that week. As we were leaving his house we realized we weren't even on the right street! We got a pretty good laugh. Yet that experience taught me that we aren't perfect, but "who the Lord calls, he qualifies." Yeah, we weren't on the right street, but we were still in the right place at the right time so that we could find that boy!

Puerto is starting to get pretty cold. I am now remembering how spoiled I was to have two summers in a row!

I hope you all are doing well! Enjoy some March Madness for me! ;)

-Hermana Vawdrey

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