February 13, 2012

Opposition in ALL Things

Familia y amigos,

Update: All of our investigators "died" this week. Either they moved, decided they weren't interested, disappeared, avoided us, or are on vacation. Pigüé has been hard because this happens almost every week. Yet, we're really learning the importance of hard work and dedication. When we give the Lord our heart He always blesses us, and even on those days when we don't have "success," we still feel of His love and we know that our desires to do our best is real success to Him.

Lately I've studied agency a lot since we have had a lot of our investigators choose to not progress. It's heartbreaking to invest so much into them, and then see them throw it all away. I'm learning how the Lord must feel when I choose to do something when I know better! Yet this is part of the Lord's plan for His children--an opposition in all things! If there wasn't an opposite to everything, we wouldn't know what true joy was! With the gospel and with this knowledge that everything has a purpose, we learn that:

"Weaknesses become strengths,
challenges become opportunities,
trials become temptations,
and adversity becomes an adventure
in the service of the Lord." 
(M. Russell Ballard, Our Search for Happiness, pg. 104)

On Friday we decided to go out to Puan (a little pueblo outside of Pigüé, that is part of our area). There actually used to be a ward out there a few years ago, but after several families moved, the ward was combined with the branch in Pigüé. It was fun to be in a different place and we enjoyed getting to know it a little bit better. It brought back lots of memories of our first few weeks here in Pigüé because we had to take the time to get a new map, get to know the members, and really start from scratch to see where to start to help the pueblo grow in the gospel again. We're looking forward to the next time we get to go out to Puan.

Next week is transfers!! Hermana Chento got her Visa and will be leaving for Mexico on Thursday! There is also talk that I could be going to another area, but we'll have to see. We find out Friday. :) I'm hoping for a change, but we'll see what the Lord has in store for me in just a few days!

Las Hermanas de Pigüé!

Celebrating Hermana Chento's birthday with ice cream

Our bulletin board

Hope all is well on the home front!
-Hermana Vawdrey

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