February 6, 2012

Nothing is too insignificant for the Lord to heal

Familia y Amigos,

One day this week we had another day where everything was falling through, and no one was home when they said they would be. Yet we are learning that a lot of times that just is proof that those people aren't really ready for the gospel yet, and we then have an opportunity to find someone else that is! With that attitude we just kept going and eventually we saw this guy smoking outside of his house, and decided to go talk to him. As we got closer we saw tons of old beer bottles and old cigarettes, and we wondered if he was drunk. Yet, we introduced ourselves anyway and ended up having a really powerful lesson. It turns out he lives with his brother, his cousin, and two other guys--who all work for the same construction company. They grew up going to an Evangelico church and had a good basic testimony. It was really fun to teach to their needs. We challenged them to read part of el Libro de Mormón to find out the truth for themselves. They committed to do it, and seemed sincerely hopeful to make a change in their lives. We're hoping that they will stay willing to learn more and to change their lives for the better. :)

Unfortunately on Thursday I woke up and my ankle was sore. By lunch it was getting swollen, and by night I could hardly walk on it! The swelling kept getting worse and worse and it was all discolored. Sadly I don't even have a good story because I don't even know what happened! I don't remember twisting my ankle or falling or anything. Maybe it just happened over time after walking so much? Eventually we went to the doctor to get an opinion of how to treat it and he said to rest for three days. 3 days??? Are you kidding me! I wanna work! But to make a long story short, I've been taking it easy for the past few days, got a Priesthood blessing yesterday, and today when I woke up the pain and the swelling was gone! I keep waiting for the pain to come back but it seems to be gone! It's a miracle! I have truly felt the power of the Priesthood and the power of prayer and fasting over the past few days. As a servant of the Lord I know I have work to do, and the Lord has helped my body heal so that I can keep going!

Hope all is well!
-Hermana Vawdrey

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  1. I am wondering if Brittni knows my son Andy Himebaugh, currently serving in Mar del Plato (Anartida area). He was also in Pigue & has been in Argentina since Labor Day. My husband found your blog--thanks for the wonderful pictures & info--we'd love to follow it! thanks, Carla & Ted Himebaugh, Sandy, Utah