February 20, 2012

!Mar del Plata--Barrio PUERTO!

!Hola Hola!

Big news! I got transferred!! I am now in Mar del Plata--Barrio Puerto. It's a big city, so it's quite the change from where I was in little Pigüé. But I can't tell you how excited I am to be here! Everyone says this is "the ward" (yes WARD...not branch) to be in because it is so strong. Our area is huge. There is a lot of missionary support, so we get invited to lunches a lot. :) And I hear that there are so many members that it is to the point where they need to split the ward soon! I arrived here just last night after a really long 8-hour bus ride...alone. The zone leaders and my companion were in the terminal to pick me up luckily, so it wasn't scary.

My companion's name is Hermana Corinne Orton, from Provo Utah! She is full of energy and lots of ánimo por la obra misional. We haven't even been together for more that 24 hours yet...but I really think we're going to get along great. She seems to be a hard worker, very organized, diligent, and has a great love for our brothers and sisters here in Argentina.

Hermanas Orton y Vawdrey en Mar del Pata (Barrio Puerto)

Since I am now on the other half of the mission, I have a chance to serve with many of the missionaries that I haven't met yet. I met my district leader and zone leaders yesterday and was impressed by their support and ánimo to have me here in Puerto.

Right after Internet time we've got a cita with some conversos recientes. I'm excited to get to know the area! It's currently pouring rain, and it's very humid. Yes, I am wearing my rain boots!

Ohh, other random things:

  • You can see the ocean from our apartment window.
  • Mar del Plata is very famous for its strong-and-extremely-stinky smell of fish and lobos (seas lions). Lovely. My comp said I'll get used to it after a few weeks... :s
  • Hermana Freeman will "die" in Pigüé. She will be companions with Hermana McWhorter (my comp in the MTC!)

I have now been on my mission for 6 months! I honestly CANNOT believe it. It went by so fast. It's kinda scary because now I only have a year left...which is a long time and a short time all at once, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to dedicate another year of my life to the Lord!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day and that you are all doing well!

Mucho amor!
-Hermana Vawdrey

Sorry, I don't have much time today so I'll attach a bunch of pictures!

Hermana Chento finally got her Visa! She left for Mexico on Jueves.

A true Argentine Gaucho (and a recent convert!)

Hermana Freeman y yo

El Campo en Pigue

A member from la rama en Pigue gave me this skirt!

Hermana Patricia (gave me the skirt and shirt on my last Sunday in Pigue)

Pigue branch members

This sweet couple faithfully had the missionaries over for lunch every week!

Una familia bien querida

Nuestro distrito: Elder Vazquez (Lider de Distrito) y
Elder Marambio (now serving in Mar del Plata as well)

Hermana Arancibia y yo

Our apartment building in Pigue
(Our apartment is the one with the window shades up)


Mi companera from our apartment balcony

Right before boarding the bus for Mar del Plata
(the drivers wanted to be in the picture!)

En el colectivo en camino por Mar del Plata!

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  1. También serví en Pigué. Los fines de 2000. We lived in a tiny placed owned by the Clair family on Pasteur, as I recall. Fun to see so many cool photos. Saludos!