May 29, 2011

Called to Serve

Oh hey! Remember how I got my mission call like two and a half weeks ago?! Yeah…sorry it took me so ridiculously long to post this. My computer was being eaten by a virus. :( Grr. Luckily it didn’t have to be completely wiped clean. Soo I'm back!
 In case you haven’t already heard…I’m going to  
Bahía Blanca ARGENTINA!
  Here's the run-down: Bahía Blanca means white bay. 
And from the looks of it, it's probably absolutely beautiful!
My mission itself is located in the south-west part of Buenos Aires, and it extends into La Pampa as well. It sits right along the Atlantic Ocean which means it'll get pretty humid! I am SO excited. I am absolutely thrilled that I get to go foreign. I'm excited to experience new culture, language, food, people, everything! Several of my friends served there also so it's been really fun to hear all about it from them. I don't leave till August 17th, so hopefully those three months go by fast!!
The great thing is that my brother and I will both be serving a mission at the same time! (My poor mom) We're both going Spanish speaking so we're excited to be able to write back and forth.
 And! For those of you who wished you could have been there, this is a video of when I opened my call :)


  1. Brit!!!! I am very excited for you!!

  2. I'm SO glad we recorded you opening your call. You're gonna be a killer Sister Missionary!!