June 5, 2011


Everyone and their dog is getting married right now. My fridge can testify of it. Trust me, it’s plastered with wedding announcements. So I figured it's time for a public shout out to all of you: :)
Johna & Mike
Stephanie & Austin
Kristine & Tyler
Ali & Eric
Sarah & Mason
Sam & Shawn
Steph & Austin
Mark & Cadence
Kelsi & Stephen
Haley & Nate
Emily & Troy
Mallory & Dalton
Louise & Kevin
Katrina & Tanner
Aubri & Nathaniel
Kristen & Shawn
Jenae & Peter
Libby & Andy
Lindsay & Paul
Lydia & McKay
Christie & Scott

I am very happy for you guys to start your new life together :) 

(Note: Did I prove my point yet? Let me repeat, "everyone and their dog!" The love bug is in the air!)

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