January 25, 2011

Day 16

Something you're proud of in the past few days
I've been really brave. I've done a lot of really hard things.

Example #1:
This is my 6th semester at BYU...and my 5th apartment. 
Yeah. I'm sick of moving and starting over. But the good news is, I think this is going to be one of my favorite semesters. My roomies are wonderful, the ward is great, and I'm lovin' my classes.

Example #2:
As Jason Derulo says: "I'm solo, I'm ridin solo..." 
It's been a year since I've been single and at times I feel like I don't know how. It feels totally foreign, yet I feel like I'm transitioning quite well. I forgot how nice it is to still get free meals and entertainment on the weekends without having a boyfriend. ;)

Example #3: 
I'm taking NDFS 250. 
That is a Food Science class people. Science? Did I really just say that word?! Yes, unfortunately I did. No need to freak out. I already did that for you. Not gonna lie, I'm a little worried about it since science isn't really my thing. Even reading the textbook is hard. Seriously, scientists don't write well. No offense but they don't speak proper English. They speak in definitions that rarely flow with the previous one. Lovely. 
So let me put this into perspective for you. NDFS 250 has a pre-req:
Organic Chemistry 
(referred to as one of the toughest classes at BYU)
Then! It doesn't end there. Organic Chemistry also has a pre-req:
Chemistry 105 & Chemistry 111
The worst part is that I have never taken a chemistry class in my life. Back in high school I had heard that it was hard so I took Physics instead. (Still don't regret that.) The good news is that since my major isn't focused on science we are excused from the pre-reqs and they have organized a section just for FACS-Ed majors. Nice huh! Kinda. Except for the fact that they are expecting us to perform at the same level as a student with 2-3 extra semesters of chemistry experience. Let's hope they "dumb it" down quite a bit.
Colloidal dispersions?
Don't worry, I'm going to understand all of that eventually...even if I have to plan on spending many hours in the library and with the TA. And I guess a couple prayers wouldn't hurt ;) 

Sorry I disappeared from my blog for awhile! With food science consuming my life I can't guarantee I'll be on here that often, but if you haven't done something lately to make yourself proud then come up with something!
Here's an idea: tutor me! ha

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