October 13, 2010


Yesterday when Shelby and I went to the library to study we found a note left on the table for "Billy". So for course! We read it. :)

It said something like: "Sorry I couldn't stay longer, yada yada yada. -MK"

Who the heck is MK? We wanted to find out. Why couldn't MK be normal and sent Billy a text, or email him, or send him a message on Facebook? Why would you go to the extent of awkwardly leaving a note on a table in the library knowing that someone will probably read it? Beats me!

So we decided to write my number at the bottom of the note. And guess what? Billy actually called me! Unfortunately I was in class when he called ...but maybe that's good because he left a message. (Which is weird, because my message machine says my name, so you would think he would have figured that the number was a foney.) Whatever.

The message made me laugh though. He was whispering the whole time. Maybe he was back in the library.

"Hi MK, this is Billy. I just wanted to see where you went. Love you babe!"

Do you think he was just playing along with the joke or do you think he was serious? Should I return the message? If so, what should I say to dear Billy?

MORAL OF THE STORY: Pranks are fun :)

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  1. Hahaha!!! Oh, Britt, this is awesome. Wouldn't he know his "babe's" number...? Hmmm... Call him back. :D