September 10, 2012

"When we dedicate these structures, we dedicate our selves."

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I can't believe it's already been another week! I know I probably say that just about every week, but really...I can't believe it! It was another busy week, and another week llena llena llena, full of miracles. :) 

On Saturday we had an activity with all of the youth in one of the wards in Bahía Blanca. We had an activity to give the youth an opportunity to see what it's like to be a missionary for a day. We started the day out at the church first thing in the morning to have personal study and companionship study. Then we all broke out into divisions and went to work in our areas. Hermana Carson and I went with this cute girl named GS. It was really fun to see her excitement and her eagerness to share the gospel. It was a fun experience for all of us to explain how we do different things in missionary work, and how easy it is to share your testimony with others. After the day we all met back at the church and had a testimony meeting. It was so great to hear the testimonies of these youth...future missionaries! The youth are so strong and so valiant! No wonder the Lord asks all of his young men to serve missions, they work miracles!

Yesterday however was by far the highlight of the week. It was the re-dedication of the Buenos Aires temple! It was so awesome!! On Saturday night they had a big celebration and all of the youth danced some folk dances that are characteristic of Argentina. Then Sunday was the actual re-dedication. President Henry B. Eyring, M. Russell Ballard and D. Todd Christofferson were all there. It was so neat to be able to experience a temple re-dedication in another language!! I loved it so much. They talked a lot about how as members of the church we always have desires to be better, to be more obedient, to be more united as a family, etc., and there is no other place to do that than in the temple. The temple is where we learn how to be more humble and submissive like children. I loved what President Henry B. Eyring said specifically: "When we dedicate these temples and structures, we dedicate ourselves." We dedicate ourselves to do the Lord's work here on the earth.

Buenos Aires Argentina Temple

As as missionary I know that I am dedicated to do the Lord's work. I am dedicated to serve the people in Argentina so that they can one day enjoy all of the blessings and covenants that we make in the temple. I am so grateful to serve in Argentina. I love this people so much! They are descendents of the people in the Book of Mormon, and I know the righteous are being led to the truth...I just have to help them find and recognize it.

I love you all! Watch some BYU football for me, and make sure you make some time this week to enjoy the temple!

-Hermana Vawdrey

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