September 17, 2012

Staying in Bahía Blanca


So we received transfer calls this week! I will be staying in Pueyrredón with Hermana Carson for at least another 6 weeks. I´m excited to stay in Pueyrredón because this area has so much potential! Things are really starting to pick up here, and I am really excited to keep working with some of our investigators.

We have an investigator that is close to getting baptized. The poor thing is a 50-year-old widow, and has a lot of health struggles, so we´re working a lot with her to understand the healing power of the Atonement.

I love teaching the gospel! Can I just pause and say that? I LOVE teaching the gospel. I love it more and more as I teach it, and I love it the more and more I learn about it.

This week we did divisions with some of the other hermanas in Bahía Blanca. I went with Hermana Andrea Rodriguez from Uruguay! She is such a neat girl! We worked together for about two days, and I learned so much from her. She is a convert, served 5 MINI MISSONS before leaving on her mission, and she has a killer testimony. It was interesting to work with her and see a latin way of approaching missionary work, how to contact people in the streets, etc. Divisions are definitely inspired because it gives you a chance to morph more of your approach to work with another, and it comes out even better than before!

Hermana Rodriguez y yo

It was so incredible....increíble, many miracles happened just in the 2 days we worked together. It was a testimony building experience for me that the Lord knew that we could randomly be together for those 2 days, and so He prepared many people to put into our paths. Life is so much better and runs so much more smoothly when we just let the Lord be in charge, right?

Mmm...I just swatted a mosquito. They are absolutely EVERYWHERE! I´m wearing a lovely "layer" of mosquito bites all over my body. Spring is definitely here, and the change of seasons and the arrival of humidity has brought all of the mosquitos along with it. It´s been so nice lately, however! I went a whole week without needing my coat! I´m definitely excited about that.

Hermana Orton goes home tomorrow, and I send a little package with her to give to you. Mom and Dad she´ll probably be calling you soon. But just so you know, "it´s coming!!" I love you all! Have a great week!

-Hermana Vawdrey

I saw Hermana Baker today! She is now serving in Pigue!

Our surprise visit from Hermana Orton, who is on her way home to Provo!
Hermanas Squire, Orton, Israelson, Baker, me, and Carson

Hermana Squire ordered more placas--this is what she received!

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