December 13, 2011

Eternal Investigator

¡Hola mis buenisimos amigos y familia!

We are really starting to have success in Pigué, it's exciting! It's interesting to see that on the days that we're almost exactly obedient, we almost get nuevos investigadores. The Lord is not kidding when he gives us rules to follow! As a companionship, Hermana Freeman and I are learning a lot. She is so awesome. Especially with having two latina sisters in the apartment, it's interesting to see different approaches and different priorities in missionary work. Yet it never does any good to compare yourself, you simply have to do your best for the Lord and he will bless you for your diligence.

The Cuatro Pigue Hermanas
So we have this investigator who has always been the "eternal" investigator. She wants to get baptized, yet she's living with her boyfriend and he doesn't want to be married. (Argentines are really weird about putting off marriage because divorce is really expensive. To avoid that they just live together for years and years without ever getting married. It doesn't make sense to me. You'd have so much more security knowing that you're married!) A few weeks ago we explained the Law of Chastity to her and told her that it is a requirement for baptism. She understood perfectly, but she wants baptism to be a family thing and told us she'll just wait until her boyfriend is ready to get married. Ughhh! If she only had any idea what she was putting off!

Earlier this week the new hermanas just happened to knock her door and had a lesson with her. And to make a long story short, she now has a fecha for December 25th to be baptized!! Hermana Freeman and I, along with this eternal investigator and the other hermanas, we had a group fast this week to help soften her boyfriend's heart so that he will be willing to get married, so that she can get baptized on the 25th. When we talked to her on Thursday she hadn't told her boyfriend anything yet about how she needed to get married so soon for baptism, yet on his own he'd payed the payment for their engagement rings! We are so excited for her.

"V" y su hija get baptized this Saturday! We are soo excited.

Here are some pictures, with love, from Pigué!

Our Christmas tree!
How do you like our ornaments?
The Four Amigas!
The clouds are SO beautiful here!
Cars are so tiny here!

Hope all is well at home!

-Hermana Vawdrey

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