December 21, 2011

Cardboard and Tin Foil

!Feliz Navidad!

Ohh Christmas is in the air, it's great. It turns out that "V" didn't get baptized on Saturday because she didn't feel quite ready. Long story...But! It worked out for the better, because now she and her three kids will all get baptized together on Christmas! We are so excited for them because there is no better gift you can give Christ to celebrate Christmas other than to follow his example and enter into the waters of baptism. :)

Since Vanesa is a single mom, they don't have much. Every time we go to their house I am reminded of how blessed we are. Four of her five kids sleep in one room, and only two of them have beds. The others just have matresses on the floor. Since money is tight they weren't able to get a Christmas tree this year, and since they are being so obedient to prepare for baptism, we decided we wanted to give them a Christmas tree. They have this little pine tree in their back yard, so we looked through our apartment to find things we could turn into ornaments to turn their little tree into a Christmas tree. We cut out shapes out of card board and covered them with tin foil. Hermana Freeman's mom sent her glow in the dark stars in a package recently, so we put string on them to turn them into ornaments too.

The decorations were so simple, yet "V" and her kids were so thrilled to have them. Once we started decorating the tree they really got in to the spirit of Christmas and got some old decorations out from their closet and started decorating all of their bushes and even the light pole in the back yard! It's amazing that all it took to bring the spirit of Christmas was the memory of Christ and some tin foil covered cardboard.

Yo sé que vive mi Señor. Jesucristo es mi Salvador y Redentor.


-Hermana Vawdrey

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