March 18, 2011


The best part of the year is upon us! 
I couldn't be happier. 
I love the excitement. 
I love the energy. 
I love the unpredictability. 
I love the anticipation. 
I love the upsets. 

I love love love the upsets. There is nothing more thrilling than when the under dogs win. I get so excited for them! Unless of course I didn't pick them... Like Morehead St? What the... Thanks for screwing up my bracket. Kentucky really worried me for awhile yesterday too. I have them going to the final four! That game shouldn't have been that close, but then what am I saying? This is March Madness :) 

Speaking of upsets, look what was in the Daily Universe today:
(Friday 411 issue: 3.18.2011)
Thanks for the chuckle, Daily Universe.

I know you may be a little surprised at how much I get into March Madness, but it's the truth. I'm kind of obsessed, and proud of it. I'd say my dad trained me well. :) To be completely honest, I have to limit myself to how often I can check stats or turn on the tv to watch the final minutes, or else I won't get homework done. ha

To keep up the tradition I filled out a bracket on and joined a couple groups. I could be humble and say that I'm doing "good", but I don't feel like it. I wanna brag! I'm winning. ALL of the groups I'm in. That includes my family, friends, ward, and co-workers! My bracket is a beaute. I've only missed three games so far. Yessss. (Said in a Napoleon Dynamite voice) Let's just hope I can keep this up...

Other goodies:
-They showed the "Teach Me How to Jimmer" commercial on National TV yesterday. NBD...
-My teacher wrote "have fun" on the board yesterday. Whaat? haha I'll save that story for another day...
-Starburst jelly beans. Yum!

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