March 24, 2011

Book Smart vs. Street Smart

I've learned  lately that if all of my room mates and I get home at the same time, we will be up for at least another hour talking about various things. It is quite enjoyable, but sometimes that means we don't get to bed until like two or three in the morning! A few days ago Kate came up with an random question (which she is quite good at doing).

Would you rather date/marry someone who:
is extremely smarter than you

someone who is extremely dumber than you?

 Dumber? Is that a word? Sorry to put that in such a rude way, but you know what I mean. I guess you could think of it as book smart and street smart. I think it's a pretty hard question because they both have their pros and cons. I've had the blessing to be able to date a lot and I feel like I have experienced both sides. If they are way smarter than you then you always feel insignificant and like you can never measure up-which isn't very healthy. But then if they were pretty dumb you would constantly either have to dumb yourself down to their level, or simplify everything so that they can understand you. Hmmm....
What do you think? 

On another note...March Madness is back in business :) Thank goodness, it's been pretty boring the past four days. BYU is playing Florida tonight and I have to admit that I am getting really nervous, excited, anxious, and everything in between. I even painted my fingernails blue for good luck. I know they can do it, but I sure hope they can pull out with the win! I'm going with Krista, Shannon, and some other friends to the Keddington's house in Centerville to watch it. I'm excited to see where these crazies come from..

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