November 24, 2010


Christmas is coming! 
30 days
10 hours
42 minutes
...but who's counting? ;)

I got really excited yesterday when I heard there was going to be a blizzard. I received and email yesterday that said "the National Weather Service is warning a winter storm today that will far surpass anything that we've seen, probably for the last several years."
Hey weatherman, where'd you go to college?
I didn't see no blizzard.
I was hoping for a white Thanksgiving, but I guess it still could happen! I can't get over how fast the holidays came. Thanksgiving is tomorrow!! Mmmm. I'm already getting hungry just thinking about it. But I'll admit that I'm already looking forward to Christmas break, lots of goodies, hot chocoloate, family, friends, and best of all...NO HOMEWORK!
Until then, check out the holiday video my work made. It's a spoof of the Old Spice commercial. They did a really good job!

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