March 25, 2013

This is it!!

Friends and followers of Hermana Vawdrey's blog,

The hour is approaching!! 41 hours and counting...and yes, we are counting!

Brittni has truly given her whole heart to HIM as a full-time missionary. We are so proud of her and the efforts she has made in His service. We thank each of you for the positive influence and support you have extended to her through the last 19+ months. She will begin her travels home tomorrow and we will reunite with her on Wednesday.

Details of when she will be invited to speak in her home Sacrament Meeting will be posted once she comes home--we will let her be the one to invite you, but know that you are each welcome to come and support her, and to give her that long, overdue hug. 

Hurrah for Israel!
Steve and Jen Vawdrey and family

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  1. Welcome home Sister Vawdrey! It has been such a blessing to receive your emails and to read about the marvelous work you have been doing. Thanks so much for your dedication and service. We are so proud of you . Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of this experience as we have read each of your letters and have prayed for you and your family. Our testimonies have grown through reading your letters and about your conversions and the many people that you have helped to come unto Christ. We have loved reading about your life changing experiences.
    Thank you , thank you! You are a very amazing sister and we are so happy to know you and your family.
    Mike & Sherilyn Shelley