January 10, 2012

Nothing is possible WITHOUT the Lord

¡Hola Hola!

I just completed my second transfer in Argentina! It went so fast, I can hardly believe it. Hermana Freeman and I are still companions, which I am very grateful for. She is a great missionary. Things are still up in the air with Hermana Chento (who is waiting for her Visa). She could possibly leave for Mexico mid-transfer if all goes well...which means that I'd be in a trio with Hermana Arancibia and Hermana Freeman. We'll see, time will tell! Since Presidente made the change that we will be in our areas for 6-9 months, there weren't a lot of changes. We have a new district leader now since Elder Wells has finished his two years of service. We're really sad to have Elder Wells go, yet we're excited for change. :) Our district now only includes the four of us hermanas here in Pigué, and two elders in Suarez, a neighboring city. It's smaller, but we won't have to travel as much and lose working time. Whoo!

This week has been another learning experience--as always. :) I know nothing is impossible with the Lord, but I am learning that nothing is possible without the Lord! This is the reason why we have challenges and struggles, because they help us remember how much we need to rely on Him for support, advice, and comfort. He wants us to lean on Him for strength! (Proverbs 3:5)

We met a woman this week named "P". It was about 100 degrees that day...plus humidity. (Yeah, feel free to gasp now. We're cooking.) But anyway, first we knocked her neighbor's door who is an ex-investigator. There was no answer. We almost turned around to keep going the other way, but I had a thought to try the next door. "P" had been swimming out in the backyard with her family, but she answered the door and was really friendly and willing to listen to our message. Thank goodness I listened to that prompting to try knocking one more door! She has a basic Catholic background and seems really prepared to learn more about the plan the Lord has for her. We're hoping we can set up a baptismal date with her when we see her tomorrow.

Hope all is going well! Les amo!

Brittni in a dress she received for Christmas
Brittni finally received her Christmas package!
Brittni with the plate Jordan made her
(complete with investigator and CTR ring)

Well it sounds like back at home every one is getting engaged and married!! Whoo!
  • Addie and Calvin, congrats! Hope your day was great. 
  • SHAY BAUGH! Shay Baugh...how great. Congratulations! :)
  • Rachel Cook--I'm so happy for you and your engagement. Congrats!
  • Danielle West! Whoo-wee! Congrats.
  • Lynzi Carson! Yay! Congrats to you too!
-Hermana Vawdrey

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