February 13, 2011

Day 23

A photo of you and your family:
So this post is wayyy overdue, but my brother got his mission call! I am so excited for him. I admire his excitement and eagerness to go teach the gospel. He decided to open his call with just our family there, which was really a neat experience for all of us. Hearing him read his call was a moment I will never forget. 
Look at the cute, proud mom :)

I told my mom I wouldn't put this video on Facebook...so I'll put it on my blog instead ;) I love it. This happy dance is my mom to a T .
(Sorry it's sideways, I cannot figure out how to flip it)

By the way..he's going to Omaha, Nebraska
Spanish speaking!

He leaves June 15th.

It's going to be hard to share him for two years, but I'm excited to see the impact he will have on the people of Omaha. They have no idea how lucky they are! 


  1. Britt...you're grounded! (not sure when though - maybe when you move back home this summer);P

  2. That's so exciting!! He will be an awesome missionary (from what you've told me about him anyway) :)